Photo Sessions

Each session includes:

  • A flash drive with high-resolution copies of the best images from the session.
  • A complementary 11x14 high-quality print of your favorite image.
  • A blog post highlighting the session that can be shared by email and on social media.

LOCATIONS - The context of each photo session is crafted around your relationship with the dogs in your life. The subject of the session is primarily the dogs themselves, but my focus on the nature of the dog incorporates the content of the life they live with you. Some dogs run the trails around Ladybird Lake. Some dogs galavant around the greenbelt. Others accompany their people on camping or hunting trips or just down to the park for a picnic. The things you do with your dog are important to me because I don’t just aim to capture the dog in nature, I aim to capture the nature of the dog. Working with dogs in a setting that is familiar to them allows their personality to shine through.

CONTENT - I craft the content of each shoot around my discussions with my clients. We can work with multiple dogs at once or we can work with each dog individually. We can create portraits that celebrate the relationship of the dog and their person by incorporating the client into the session. The framework and themes of my previous work give us some guidelines to begin the conversation, but the possibilities within a given session are endless and I am truly passionate about doing everything I can to celebrate any and all aspects of the life of each dog.

SESSION FORMAT- Sessions typically last about 1-2 hours, but the pace and length of the session is dictated by the needs of the dog(s) and the client. After each session, I produce a series of portraits representing the best images from the session. The proofs of these images are provided to the client on flash drive and are then yours to use as you see fit for any and all non-commercial purposes. Many session photographers provide proofs to their clients and then charge additional fees each time the client wants to make a print of any of the images. In a session with Ryan Plunkett Photography, this is not the case. The fee for each session is upfront and clear and there are no additional fees at any time. I provide recommendations for printing services at client request and I also print and frame photographs, but these services are provided at cost with no mark-up.

My Work

The background and techniques behind Ryan Plunkett Photography custom canine photo sessions.

INSPIRATION -  I have a lifelong fascination with animals, and I draw upon the energy and compassion that stem from that fascination to create these portraits. I truly believe that each dog is an individual, so my sessions are designed to go beyond just producing beautiful portraits. I want to produce a portrait that represents the facets of character that make your dog special to you. I learn about each animal I work with before I pick up the camera, and I honor the life and history of each dog through my work with them. The goal of each session is to produce a portrait that will last a lifetime - and beyond.

MY BACKGROUND - In my work, I combine my expertise in photography and 5 years of professional experience in canine behavior and training to create a safe and comfortable environment in which to work with you and your dog. In developing the framework for these portrait sessions, I have worked with dogs in many different settings. In addition to my outdoors sessions, I have worked in playgroup environments in a daycare setting and I volunteer my services in an animal shelter setting, working with the dogs both in and out of the shelter. I have worked with dogs from 6 weeks old to 15 years old, and I pay careful attention to the health and behavioral needs of each animal I work with. 

TECHNIQUES - I integrate into my sessions many of the principles and techniques that I have learned professional dog training and behavior modification, and I endlessly tinker with my photographic and editing processes. I use only natural and existing light in my photographs because I seek to use all of the elements of the natural environment; the scenery and surroundings, but also the wind and the light that are present at that moment. Providing dogs with the opportunity to explore off-leash is essential to the naturalistic quality of my work. To accomplish this aesthetic while still allowing the dogs this freedom I have developed my own unique method of specially relating the camera to the subjects. My professional work in dog behavior allows me to read the body language and nonverbal cues of each dog both before and during the session. All of this methodology is to one end: to capture the true nature of the animals we love.

Dogs are never off leash in situations when they are not commonly off-leash in their everyday life. I also work with my clients to incorporate any training work they do with their dogs into the session. Each relationship between a dog and human is unique, and taking a bit of time to learn the words and cues that comprise some of that relationship further allows each dog to feel "at home" during the session.