Today in the drizzle at the life-saving institution that is Austin Pets Alive, I had the opportunity to spend quite some time with the beautiful animal featured above. His name is Loverboy, and while no, he is most certainly not winking, there are many other notable things to be known about him. His ears, for one, form some sort of triangulation with his head that is of an adorable and irresistible design. One flips, pointing toward the sky as what I can only assume is a beacon of love, and the other, well the other flops. Should all of this cuteness and flipping and flopping draw you in, it is well worth knowing that he has been expertly trained in obedience by the behavior staff and the volunteers at APA! In this capacity he is really more of a Lovergentleman than he is a Loverboy. Regardless, he demonstrated his manners well in the time he and I were making these photographs. He walks well on leash, he doesn't jump, he sits to take treats and the rumors are that he has a variety of tricks he will perform for further treats. The behavior staff at APA! has determined that he would do best in a home with no other dogs, but if you were to make friends with Loverboy, the likelihood is that you would need nothing else, dogs included. 

For more info on Loverboy, visit him at Austin Pets Alive! on Cesar Chavez and check out his profile here: