Outside of the shelter there is a whole world to explore. In my work with Vickie this week I couldn't escape the temptation to project my thoughts on to her. And that is what I would have been thinking if I was her. Outside of the shelter there is this whole world of smells and sights and people. How amazing.  She sniffed every flower and every tree that may have been marked by some other dog. She leaned her head back and put her nose into the wind. She nuzzled her foster person. She could not get enough. 

Vickie, unfortunately, has been at Austin Pets Alive! for far too long. In fact, only one other current dog has been with APA for longer. And while that has surely been hard for Vickie, things are looking up. One virtue of the length of her stay is that she has had hundreds of hours of training by the expert behavioral staff and the volunteers at APA. She walks wonderfully on leash and she is being the perfect guest at her current foster home.  She's house trained. She's crate trained. She loves meeting new people.

Vickie is beloved at the shelter, and by her volunteers, and by anyone who meets her. She has a wonderful foster person taking care of her and giving her the opportunity to experience life outside of the shelter. And now she needs your help to take the next step. She needs a home for the rest of forever. To go outside. To explore.

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